Original Branding

First we did the Logo,

Just added some extra dimension

Then the Business Cards

Flyer & Gift Certificate

Then there was the Business Expo

Double Sided Flyers


Pull Up Banner

Project Details

January 24, 2016
H2orb Walking on Water Inflatables

Project Description

When Duffy first came to me, she had a Logo and a business card. Overwhelmed and a little confused about the choices and where to start.

H2orb Walking on Water Inflatables is a fun entertainment business, with brilliantly trained and fun loving staff and a vivacious owner. The branding needed to reflect the mood and feel of the business. So we went with vivid water themed branding.

Firstly we livened up the Logo, making it pop and looking more like a splat of water. Next was business cards and a Flyer. Then the Facebook page was updated with customised graphics. The all important Website came next.

Duffy then came to me needing some promotional pieces for a Business Expo.Pull Up Banner, more flyers, this time double sided, Corporate on one side and Fetes and Fundraisers on the other. We then made posters and even a short video presentation about the business to run continually on a screen during the day.

This was Duffy’s first expo, myself, I have extensive experience when it comes to expo’s and how to best promote yourself.

This is one example where Business Branding is so very important, to compete with all the other exhibitors and grab the attention of the people passing your stall you need to “Stand out from the crowd”.