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Kez Wickham St George

Project Description

Kez is an Internationally Published Author and Artist who came to me in 2015 looking for some invitations to her Art Exhibit and perhaps some flyers to go with them. Since then we have collaborated on numerous projects including bookmarks and book covers.

Late 2015 Kez then came to me to take her on as a publishing client as her Publishers in the UK were closing their doors. Well was that the start of something big.

We now do everything Kez needs from her Logo to a¬†fully functional eCommerce website, all her book covers, flyers and anything graphical or printing along the way. Oh and don’t forget we publish all her books, including re-editing and republishing her previous books White Wahine, Metal Mermaid, The Cuppa Tree, The Talking Stick, the soon to be published and released Sorcha, the first book in the Scribe Chronicles followed closely in 2017 by the second book in the series, Indigo Child.

Watch this space for more, huge things to come in the future.





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