Kez Wickham St George

Kez Wickham St George

Kez has been published internationally with six full novels, plus a contribution to a poetry novelette, called Tall & Short Stories which is on Amazon, proceeds help raise funds for the Heart Cancer Soc in the United Kingdom.

Kez’s passion for Mentorship for all writers, playwrights and artists is very close to her heart. As she states very simply, “I struggled in my earlier years with who was who, how, and the big why, so to pass on valuable information to those struggling or wondering what to do next is a privilege and honour”. To help another grow with their passion is not only liberating but a legacy I’m always very keen to share.

Kez’s passion for creative art also included floral baskets she creates as a sponsor for Wearable Arts Mandurah. Being very civic minded, if Kez knows of a charity event, she will often offer one of her Floral Art creations to help raise funds.

“It’s a busy life but I love it, if one of my art pieces, books or a little advice can help or take you back to the mystery and magic of childhood, or can twitch a smile into place, then my job is done”.

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The second book of the Scribe Chronicles follows Tara as she continues to Scribe for the tortured souls from the spirit world who’s tragic and often horrific lives need to be journaled in order for them to gain peace.

This time Tara travels to Fiji to scribe for Keoloni, the young boy Tanby had brought before her. Who for reasons unknown to Tara, would only meet at a location of his choosing.
This child had somehow become a victim of the terrible Indigo’s who Tara had the misfortune to meet on the cruise returning from Singapore.

What would become of this young one, has Tanby really forsaken Tara? And what of Tara, would she survive another encounter with the Indigos.

The first book of the Scribe Chronicles, we join Tara as she takes her first tentative steps into the spirit realm. After finally answering the desperate pleas of the tortured souls who dwell there. The story of their horrific lives needs to be told, in order for them to move on in peace.

Always accompanied by Tanby, her friend, guide and protector, we meet Sorcha a disfigured girl treated only with loathing and abuse, who suffered so much injustice in her short life, the final indignity, her tongue ripped out to ensure her silence.

Travel with Tara, who has suddenly found herself a homeless senior, as she endeavours to share Sorcha’s life with the world.

Will this also be an answer to Tara’s own troubles?

Your only thought is to run away and hide, so that you can never be found. If you are found out you will be violently abused, tortured, if not killed. No one can help you, because it’s all happening inside the home, its being called a domestic dispute, so there’s no one to come and assist you. The hurt is living inside you, for the sake of your children you hang in there, hoping that with the passing of each day, you can take one more step, one more action, that will eventually be the well thought out plan that others believe you have had in the back of your mind all along.

White Wahine is a story of escape, a love story and a modern day insurgency, against the misogynistic or patriarchal system women in all cultures are being asked to fight against, if they are to bring a sense of balance to the world… finally.

“Be careful what you wish for Tara, it just may come true” how many times had she heard that over the years. Yet still her fingers itched for the camera, or to attack the key board as she wrote down her stories. Boundless questions ran around her mind. Why do I have this need inside me to travel? Why am I never able to feel settled for too long? Never to feel complete, at peace with my loved ones, home, or friends? These questions rattled around in Tara’s head as she woke every morning, and every night, as she went to sleep. It’s not as though she was unhappy with her life, or her partner Gordi.

This title is currently in it’s 2nd Publication

It will be available early 2018

Tara has wanted to follow her dreams, to be back on the road in the outback once more. Once her family are cared for, Tara drives off into the fine red dust of the Northern Territory, adventure takes over her life, along the way collecting stories of other Grey Nomads she also collects a young Joey, A Kiwi Bloke who wont take no for an answer, Her beloved grandson Jess joins her at last on the road, enjoying each others company, Tara spends a night in jail, her vehicle catches fire leaving her stranded in the desert, meets up with a wandering Ghost, sets up camp with a Quaker family, experiences an underground in Coober Pedy, experiences the beauty of the painted desert, the adventures roll in fast, until one day she knows its time to go home, the billabongs and deserts, the green bush and blackened dead forests of fires long gone, all Vie for her attention, But its home in Perth where her heart belongs.

This title is currently in it’s 2nd Publication

It will be available early 2018

Tara had an easy life she knows it, loves it and is grateful for it, till Russ her husband came home from working up North in the Mines, after a spot of being unwell, he decides that being a Grey Nomad is his dream. Tara is not so sure, to leave all her friends, family, home and community but agrees to join him for a little while, the little while becomes months. Tara learns to love being on the road, meeting and greeting so many people. Suddenly the spot of bad health for Russ, becomes fatal. Tara is devastated, now re learning to do it all for herself on and off the road, but she has been given a small taste of freedom that lingers after Russ’s funeral.

Tara meets another female wanderer, who with her stories of New Zealand wets Tara’s appetite for more travel. Her travel companion proves difficult, but Tara is now on another road of growth, strength, love, exciting travel, danger and new friends who slowly become her extended family , when Tara finally returns to Perth in Australia she is a changed women, one who knows who she is, once she’s home, safe with her family and friends that eagerly await her return, Tara starts to write a novel called the Cuppa Tree.

This title is currently in it’s 2nd Publication

It will be available early 2018

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