Business Branding

Do you stand out from the crowd and your competitors,

or are you just one of the masses and simply blend into the background.

You know you need great branding to get noticed but you don’t know where to start,

or think it’s just for the bigger companies.

You’d be surprised how just little tweaks can add pizzazz to your current brand,

or that it’s really not that difficult to have awesome branding right from the start,

no matter what size your business is.

What's the trick to good business branding?

Consistency and Attention to Detail.

Logo, Colour Scheme, even Typography should portray the look and feel of your business.

Then carry these aspects through to everything you do.

Good Branding should be fluid, from your business cards to your vehicles and everything in between.

Your business should be instantly recognisable to your clients and potential clients.

At Picardie Press, Business Branding is our specialty and we really will “Make you look good”!

Branding should be relevant to your business

H2orb is a FUN outdoor activity, with bubbly and friendly staff. The owner Duffy is particularly effervescent.

Therefore the companies Branding needs to reflect the nature of the business. Which is having FUN.

If your business is more formal and corporate then again your branding should reflect this.

After all, a solicitor would look pretty ridiculous with fun water splats and bubbles all over their branding.

Likewise for those business’ where the owner IS the business.

Then the branding should reflect your personality and the message you’re trying to portray.

A mortician would probably want to steer away from bright colours, rainbows and the like.

I’m sure you’ve got the idea here!


As our slogan says “we make YOU look good”. So press that contact us button, together we’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

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