New website or updating an existing one,

we'll have the perfect solution for you.

At Picardie Press we’ll build you a full custom designed websites that accurately reflects your business and your values.

No cookie cutter, one size fits all templates here!

WordPress Platform

We find the WordPress platform user friendly as it’s clean, quick and easy to navigate.
Giving you the option to make minor changes and updates, instantly when you want them done.

Alternatively, you can leave all the website ‘stuff’ to us, we have a package and choices to suit everyone.

Fully Custom Built

If you require a purpose built website, we can do that too.

A state of the art website with all the bells and whistles built to your specifications from the ground up.

This will obviously take a little longer and be more expensive.


Yes, we can host it too!
Secure, reliable & scalable cloud hosting.
High-quality Australian based servers and get the best speed and redundancy for your website, applications and emails.

High level security with advanced backups, managed by highly experienced professionals with over 25 years in the industry and IT Security fields.

Business Success Strategy Sessions

Glowing glass light bulb on computing concept background


What does that mean?

Knowing why you are doing what you are doing and matching that to  the look, feel, direction of your marketing, promotional activities and design work is critical to ensure;


What does that mean?

In the Clarity Session we discovered the direction and look of your business and mentioned setting you up for success, go deeper in this strategy session with a high level plan that maximises what has been designed and created.

All Things Social Media

Branding Consistency

Graphics, Imagery,  Branding

Ensure that your Social Media profiles portray a true and clear reflection of who you are, what you do and the message you’re trying to convey.
Above all, that you look professional and reputable.

For Marketing

High Level Strategy

Audio Visual

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