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Carolyn McAndrew

Proprietor, Graphic Design, Web Development

Web Design, Author and Publisher

With a background in finance and a reluctance to return to it after my stint as a stay home Mum, I turned to my ‘hobby’ and full time love Graphics.

I’d been doing graphics before there was Photoshop, in the old days when you used paper, scissors, glue and a photocopier, very rudimentary in comparison to todays programmes. Having started my digital foray with Corel I now use Adobe – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro and a host of other Digital manipulators and programmes.

I started Picardie Press in 2011 as a side business to ‘keep me busy’, not being able to keep up with demand the expansion process began and still continues today.

I ventured into Publishing after I’d written my book and the subsequent nightmare that followed. I refused to believe it had to be that hard and could only imagine what other aspiring Authors had gone through. I vowed to make the process easier and more enjoyable for Authors, above all honouring their voice as an Author and respecting their dream.

Picardie Press nowadays can pretty much do anything form basic Digital Artwork, to Websites, Printing, Web Hosting,Filming Productions, Business Branding, Business Strategy, Marketing and Business Advice.

If we’re asked for something we don’t provide, we’ll either recommend on to associates, or research and implement it if it’s viable.

We have started to build a fabulous team of genuinely nice, authentic and extremely qualified and talented people.
At Picardie Press we only have the best!

I’d love to introduce these amazing people to you:

Rochelle McDonnell

Master Business Strategist, Author Mentor

Rochelle’s expansive and impressive Bio highlight her capabilities and experiences of almost four decades,
She excels as a Creator and strategist.

Corporate and Business Experience:

Holding a Cert 4 in training and assessment Rochelle has an extensive background in the area of learning and development, while her writing abilities have led to her writing, developing and delivering several Policy and Procedural manuals.

Including works most consider too daunting to attempt, things like:

Delivering and developing accredited and non-accredited training for Not for Profit, job seeker, Sales Managers, Ceo’s, people with disabilities.

Flow chart planning

Service Delivery

Clinical workflow

Continuous Improvement

Product and sales training

Media Promotions

Marketing Materials

Evaluations of Strategies and outcomes

Funding Applications

Protocols and tender applications

Assessing and editing tender applications 

Developing  policy and structural changes to accommodate organisational change

Rochelle has created and delivered specific training and team building to boards of management, teams and small groups, and organised and delivered group based learning in a variety of businesses. 

These skills, knowledge and experience enhance and expand opportunities for authors and businesses engaging with Picardie Press and add value to your journey with us.  

Literary experience:

We are fortunate enough to be blessed with Rochelle’s extensive literary knowledge and experiences.

A writer, avid reader, and creator in her own right having writing Fantasy, Self Help, Thrillers, and other works (yet to be defined into a genre), and a ghost writer, Rochelle assists authors working with Picardie Press to find the clarity and direction needed to bring the manuscript to a hold in the hand, read on the computer work that reflects the unique voice and talent of the author.

Taking on a mentor role with selected authors she will work with you on your manuscript, guiding you through the process of bringing your work to print/production stage, assisting with marketing strategies, and promotion ideas that support and reflect the uniqueness of your work and you as an author.

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