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This is a journal of self-discovery; A sanctuary for yourself, where you learn practices to develop trust in your inner guidance.

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Are you trying to find your path to Spiritual Freedom? Are you on your journey to self discovery? Are you looking for more?

  • More Joy
  • More Inner Peace
  • More Freedom
  • More Flow

Then this journal is exactly what you need.

Find yourself with the 100 days to Spiritual Freedom.

This is a journal of self-discovery; Where I share practices for you to develop trust in your inner guidance.

The journal is meant as a sanctuary for yourself, or the person you gift it to.

You can learn and practice expanding and growing yourself from the comfort of your own home, and in your own time.

Over the 100 days you will practice tuning in to your own inner knowing and you will expand your perspectives to make better choices for yourself. You will learn to stretch your ‘spiritual muscle’ to live a more empowered life.

My Passion has always been to teach people how to feel good in their body, to live life in full and to enjoy spiritual experiences and this journal is one way in how I can do this with you.


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